34c3 at Leipzig

As many of you already know at the end of the year there is the Chaos Computer Congress at Leipzig (34c3). Many people have plan to attend and participate. I’m opening this thread to organize ourselves beforehand.

We have applied for an Assembly (still waiting confirmation) and through that we can showcase and ogranize sessions and workshops for various projects. I have already linked SatNOGS there.

In the meantime some people applied for various talks in the conference part of the event and we just received a confirmation that two talks are approved :rocket:

  • SatNOGS: Crowd-sourced satellite operations
  • UPSat - the first open source satellite

Any chance you’ll stream from the 34c3 for those of us who can’t attend? Would be great!

Yes, I think all rooms at 34c3 will have live streaming. And even if you miss it they tend to upload the recordings in less than 24h.

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I met a couple of LSF members at the OSCW this week and heard that you will be at 34C3.
Did the LSF assembly decide to join a competence center yet?
The Open Infrastructure Orbit seems to be the best fit, the amateur radio guys from the Chaoswelle and also us space enthusiast and professionals from the ChaosSpaceOperationsCenter (CSOC) are grouped there.
The center also provides some common facilities like a stage for sessions including streaming, a workshop area, etc.
We from the CSOC would love to place our assembly close to the one of the LSF. :slight_smile:

Here is the invitational mail for the Open Infrastructure Orbit including more information:

Dear Open Infrastructure Enthusiasts,

the communication infrastructure joint orbit provides space for groups
and organisations building or playing with infrastructure or free
networks. Since Freifunk had already last year a speakers corner with
some sessions, we have been asked to organize a stage for the Open
Infrastructure Orbit.

We’d like to invite you to join the Open Infrastructure Orbit. You
already registered your assembly at the 34c3 wiki. The orga team wants
to shift more of the planning to the Communities and plans to group
similar assemblies together in Chaos Competence Centers. The years
before we have been placed anyways nearby by the assembly-orga.

Our current planning consists on 4 parts we want to organize for all
Open Infrastructure Assemblies or people in common, but we need your
support to make it happen:

An Exhibition area
-> Please provide us Infrastructure pieces, posters or projections or
whatever …

A stage - We have video streaming
-> Please contribute to program with updates regarding your network,
talks, quizzes, panels, discussions …
-> Please invite speakers, you find interesting in terms of community or
infrastructure topics, if they are attending the congress
-> Please enter your session here: https://wiki.freifunk.net/34c3/Timetable

Info desk
-> Please bring or send flyers, buttons, stickers, books … if you need a
postal address, please send me an email

A Chillout area
-> Sofas … we already organized some 

-> We also do need help in terms of decoration and stage heralds (to
start video and help speakers)!
-> Join the OrgaMailinglist
here: https://lists.freifunk.net/mailman/listinfo/34c3-orga-freifunk.net
-> Do spread this mail to your channels or other groups that may be
interested in infra topics!

If you want to join our orbit, add the Open Infrastructure Orbit to your
assembly at the congress
wiki: .
So we can have discussions and exchange nearby and it will be easier for
the assembly orga to distribute all the assemblies.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Greetings from the Freifunk 34c3 Orgateam


Yes, Chaoswelle reached out and invited us at the “Open Infrastructure Orbit” Cluster. We already did the change on the wiki.

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I looked yesterday and didn’t check right before posting. Seems that I missed it by 30min. :sweat_smile:
Looking forward to meeting with you @ 34C3!

For reasons I don’t completely understand the Open Infrastructure Orbit Organisers (OIOO ?) asked me in an e-mail how many seats they should take into account for the members of not only the CSOC but also the LSF. Maybe you could contact Monic with your predicted team size?