2018-099 (SSO-A) Mystery-3

Has anyone been able to find information on this satellite?
It appears to be 43787 2018-099AF

See this observation:

There is a possibility that it might be KazSciSat-1 (I’ve also seen the spelling KazSaySat)

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Here’s a twitter thread with information: https://twitter.com/cgbassa/status/1080863352413392896

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Update to my note above: the homepage for KazSciSat has 43785 as the TLE, but n2yo has that id listed as orbweaver-2


If anyone has info about the transmitter bandwidth, emission mode, callsign, etc. we would appreciate it if you could share that. We’re having a hard time finding anything. The Mystery-3 object is apparently operating on a frequency very near @BSE EQUiSat and we’re trying to assess the potential for interference.