Which is the best antenna to pick up multiple satellites

Hello Everyone,

I am ordering away, before the school budget closes. I am currently looking at which antenna for the students to build. The Yagi looked good, but I can’t seem to find the build instructions! Which one would people recommend to build that picks up most of the satellites. We would particularly like receive images from overhead satellites i.e. the NOAA satellite


I guess the question needs a question. Am I correct in assuming you are building a rotator?

If it’s a non rotator then the ta1 turnstile from wimo seems to be a favourite. If you have a rotator then a helix might be a better option. Having antennas can give you a 20db loss if it’s in the wrong polarisation

You’ll get a load of different answers but either a helix or a crossed yagi would be my choice for a rotator


Thank you, we are going to try building the rotator. So will then build the helix antenna as you suggested.

If it’s no good you can’t blame me :wink:

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