Where to bye controller V2 parts?

Although there is a BOM for the version 2 controller is there a single supplier where to get the parts

I have looked at CONRAD.de and also RS.

The first one has a shop whrere most of the parts cant be found and RS is asking for a enormes shipping costs.

Anny suggestions??


I got most of my parts at DigiKey, but I found that there was NOT a one-stop-shop to get all the parts…Some I got direct, some from Sparkfun, some from Amazon and most from Digikey.

Got mine at mouser. Pretty fast shipping also

Started looking at RS-Online but they failed in servicing me after some questions.

Then went to digi-key where a BOM import function is available. so I got 99,9% from them and for my own and becourse I am also a member of the Werkgroep Kunstmanen in the Netherlands so I created a wiki-page here.

Also included ia the same for mouser. Any additions are welcome.

I ordered almost all of the parts at mouser too… Reasonable prices and very fast shipping!