Very slow uploads to server (2+ hours)

Had a nice observation of Elfin-A today as it downloaded to it’s ground station in Southern California. However, it took over two hours to upload the nearly 8000 packets to the server. Is this a server issue or how the software in my RPi4 operates?

Probably a slow network issue… The SatNOGS servers are located in Germany. You can test the download speed here. For uploading, try and change to a german server.

How many packets get uploaded in one request @Acinonyx? Is it everything thats present in the data directory at the time the task is run, or is it done in smaller batches?

Did a speed test using the Deutsche Telekom server in Berlin and my upload speed is near my ISP upstream max of 10 Mbps, so 10 minutes of 9.6k packets ought to upload quickly.

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