Ver1.2 Controller


I’ve built a complete V1.2 controller and powering with a V1 power supply, and a good 12v supply for steppers.

when i power up…motors do not move, although when i touch the step pin on the stepper driver or the arduino step pin the motor rotates? i’m a bit confused … board is complete. what am i missing?

thanks i advance.


Are you talking about the v2 board that has the arduino pro mini?


If so according to wiki, requires 19v-60v

Nope its this ver…

Have you connected the photo interrupters ?

yes and the led turns on and off when triggered, i connected them to +5v , gnd and sw_el | sw_az


Verify that you have loaded the correct sketch on arduino and that the :

#define DEFAULT_HOME_STATE HIGH /*Change to LOW according to Home sensor*/

is set correct for your interrupter

Hi akef

I checked this and its fine, i did disconnect the LED from the photointerupters because i was only getting 3v on high, now good 5v then triggered.

Still seem to have the same issue, not really sure why?

Thanks for your help

What do you mean with:

How do you power up the arduino?

The arduino is powered via the v1 power supply board output 5v to the Vcc an GND pins, stepper power is 12v via separate power supply connected to GND and VMOT

what i mean by “when i touch” i mean with my finger, only starts steping when touched

That kind of sounds like a grounding issue to me?

i have checked all my grounds, and the two supply’s are connected at the board.

i will have another look later to make sure all connected