v3 steppers, NEMA 14?

In v3 did we really switch to NEMA 14 steppers or is this a typo? (v2 was NEMA 17)

/cc @manthos

Here are some pics of a NEMA 17 motor with Adafruit bracket and 158mm belt. Just a tad short for nice alignment, may need to grind the bracket a little.


@cshields, is a typo. In v3 we use the same motors with v2 (NEMA 17) and we prepare the DC motor version.
@danwhite, good job!!!

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Ok I’ll bite - what size belt is that in the pic? Mine comes short even with the same mounting configuration (NEMA 17 motor, same size gears)

nevermind, got the 158 belt to fit just took some force that I thought for sure would break it… :smile:

We add steps to dozuki for the stepper motor version. So, you can see in the guide how to place the timing belt :wink: .

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Its just very tight, you can see the pull on the gear:

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Next problem, I’d like to see if you ran into this one with the same mount configuration @danwhite

homing ring doesn’t have enough clearance around the stepper motor. See below:

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