V3.1 cut length discrepancy? 140mm or 160mm?

I’m about to order my 2020 extrusion and I want it precut… do I cut at 140 or 160? I see a discrepancy.
there are measurement discrepancies between the BOM and the build https://ohai.satnogs.org/project/satnogs-rotator-v3-mechanical-assembly/hardware/
one states the 2020 measurements as 160mm and 102mm the BOM(https://gitlab.com/librespacefoundation/satnogs/satnogs-rotator/blob/master/rotator-bom.ods) included in 3.1 states 140mm and 100mm…
which is the ideal cut length?

Different lengths are different versions of rotator:

  • The 140mm and 100mm are referred to v3.1
  • The 160mm and 102mm are referred to v3.0.1

The ohai assembly guide, is referred to v3.0.1. In the wiki - Build Sequence, the assembly guide is referred to v3.1, which is the latest version. Also here you can find a report about the current status of GS hardware.

That is helpful, Thanks for answering all my questions today and pointing me in the right direction.

I have ALL my materials ordered and on the way.

I am very new to 3d printing so I plan on getting the important parts done by my local university 3d print centre, and trying the less important parts on the 3d printer at the public library (they just got Ultimaker 2+).

they have ABS, PC-ABS, PC (polycabonate), or nylon with 30%, 60%, or solid fill

I see on the Wiki that most parts are printed with ABS. My research says PC-ABS is stronger?

Would you go PC-ABS… or ABS? on 30% fill?

Worm gear with Nylon solid fill?

Thanks again

cant wait to get building

ABS is more common an easily available ( at least here in Athens), you can try every strong material than ABS. About the infill, in wiki suggested 20%, you can try 30% but i think isn’t optimal about material and printing time.

Note: First print a part, measure and if it has correct dimensions (with tolerances ±0.4mm), continue with other parts. Also you could find a lot of guides for post processing for FDM printed parts as referred in wiki.