V2 Rotator Electronic Guide in Chinese

Is it just me and my computer is is the V2 rotator guide appearing in Chinese for anyone else?

Have you got a link?

Here is the page.

Hi @peregrin5 – yes, that is indeed a post in Chinese for the v2 rotator guide. You can find other guides at https://satnogs.dozuki.com/c/SatNOGS_Hardware, which includes the v2 ground station mechanical assembly instructions.

One thing to note: the dozuki documentation is slowly being migrated to https://ohai.satnogs.org. I have been working on this, and both of the v2 guides still need to be ported over. (/me sets reminder to finish that up. :slight_smile: )

In addition, if anything is unclear, please post questions to the forum – that will let us know what is unclear or needs to be improved.

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