V&A installation and technical advice (needed)

Hello everyone, I’m Giovanni form Italy and I’m part of a design studio Milan.
I’m here in this wonderful community because we are going to set up an antenna as part of an interactive installation to be displayed at the Victoria and Albert Museum next year, we would like to give some visibility to the project and the potential of the network itself.
As a starting point we would like to set up an omni-directional antenna tuned in order to “hear” meteorological satellites.

Has anyone here already experimented whit this kind of set up and would be wiling to share experiences to draw a starting point for the design of our installation?


Hello Giovanni,

I have experience with receiving weather satellites in the VHF (137 MHz) band using omni directional antennas. I will be happy to answer specific questions, but it is probably best that you start with some online tutorials (search for NOAA APT reception).

Note that the receiving and publishing weather satellite images is not yet supported by the SatNOGS software; however, it is my understanding that it’s on the roadmap :slight_smile:


Hey there!

The quadrafilar antenna is under construction and verification right now. We will be publishing the details soon on this.

As for the reception and decoding/posting, indeed as @csete said this is not supported ATM, but will be added soon. All the functionality is there, what is missing is the specific decoder (gnuradio flow) integration on satnogs-client. @surligas any ideas on this one?

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