Upgrading On Macintosh From 1.3 to 2.0 - No Joy

FYI - I am trying to contact (via a site “MacPorts”) the maintainer of Gpredict and hope to get a solution there. Anyway, I have been running Gpredict for several years on various Macs. i am now running 1.3 on a Mac Mini and a MacBook Pro with fairly recent OS.

I use a site, MacPorts, to install Gpredict - and have done that several times on various computers. So today I saw Gpredict 2.0 appear on MacPorts and went to install. No joy, various error messages about dependencies.

So I pretended to be a real Unix guy and went to the MacPorts IRC and chatted there - some folks helped me work through a few issues but ultimately the installation did not work. They are trying to help me contact someone named zapman who is the maintainer - but that person does not answer emails.

Hopefully some changes to the installation scripts will be made over the next week or so. I will wait a week and try again - when I succeed I’ll come back here with a report.

To be more precise, my first sentence says that I am trying to contact the Gpredict maintainer - that means the person who maintains the Gpredict port at MacPorts.

Thanks for the info Charles. I hope the issues will be resolved soon.


you will need macLoggerDX, very close to Gpredict 2.0… Good luck with that,

73, Stefano IUØDFT

Stephano -

Thanks for the reply but I am not a ham radio guy, I don’t use Gpredict for that.

Also, I wrote to DogParkSoftware to ask a question and got no answer - are they still there?


Apparently a guy in Italy, Federico, updated Gpredict from 1.3 to 2.0 but is not shown as the port maintainer in MacPorts. I am still working through the update.