Update TLE Catalog with Older Dates

I would like to load in a file of TLEs that was saved when I conducted observation several months ago. I want to recreate the pass with the TLEs that were current at that time. If I use today’s TLEs, the pass may not be the same because the satellite may have maneuvered.
When I load the file, none of the satellites are updated, which is probably because the epoch is older than what the current catalog has. It would be nice to have an option to replace the catalog even if the epoch is older.

That is easy to do.

Go to your lists of satellites in GPredict (do you need a path?) and delete them all.

Put a folder “For GPredict” or something where you can find it.

Put your list of TLEs in that folder, with the name of a CelesTrak group (doesn’t matter which one).

Update TLEs from local files, navigate to the FOLDER and select it. Do not try to select the file of TLEs!!!

Charles Phillips
Houston, Texas

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