Tracking IMAGE (26113)

I am using Gpredict 2.3.12-420a and I am trying to track IMAGE (26113). But every time I try to add IMAGE on my tracking list, gpredict freezes, without any useful message, even on debug level.

Any ideas, would be greatly appreciated !

Sometimes, the prediction algorithm ends in an infinite loop when it hits some corner cases. Make sure you have the TLE updated. Otherwise, I will need the TLE and your approximate location to see if I can reproduce it.

TLE1=1 26113U 00017A   11058.24124170  .00000211  00000-0  10000-3 0   198
TLE2=2 26113  92.2863 218.9354 7430213 215.3715  58.9161  1.68636772 67280


I looks like this TLE is from 2011. I don’t think the algorithms in gpredict are geared to handle that.

Thank you. I used the TLE from which are from 2018, and it seems to work fine.

Ok, cool. If you can find it which group it is in in Celestrak, you can add that file to gpredict and it will automatically update.