Total number of observations stuck at 215 (solved)

Good Morning!

I am new, since a week. Results are getting better and better every day. Since yesterday I noticed, that my total number of observations is stuck at 215. I make up to 10 observations every day. I see them as new and I am able to rate them. Seems also that the red bar of bad observations is getting bigger.

Here’s my station:

DL6KBG (VHF). - 820

73 Oliver DL6KBG

Hi @dl6kbg,

Welcome to SatNOGS!

It looks ok, I’ve just added one observation and the total number went from 215 to 216.

Probably you already have done this, but just to be sure… take a look on how we rate/vet the observations at this guide.

The red bar in station shows how many failed observations (different from bad ones) station had while was out of testing mode. If it grows bigger and bigger that means you have failed observations on your station and the best you can do is to go in testing mode and try to find out what’s going wrong.

Thanks for setting up and share your station with the community, if you have any question let us know! :slight_smile:

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Hi @fredy !

Many thanks for the warm welcome and your fast reply and your detailed information.

Now I see. I thought the total number shows only past observations, cause of the green background. Now I see, that the number presents the total of past and future observations.

I am sorry. :grinning:

73 Oliver DL6KBG