TISAT-1 activity

TISAT-1 presents an interesting finding since we started tracking it.


Half of the observations are returning as negative (no signal found), the other half do half CW signals on them. What is interesting is that all of the verified (positive) observations do include a CW signal by TISAT-1 at the end (in terms of timing) of the observation!

Have a look at those examples:

Any ideas on what might be happening?

Odd - for my station, the good passes you mention all set in the same azimuth (descending path). Checking the last few ‘bad’ passes for my station and they follow the same different path (ascending path). I think the latter may have all been in eclipse too.

To further the point, @DK3WN says that “Due to some thermal issue (the reason of this is not clear yet) TIsat-1 is downloading data on the southern hemisphere.” Which would match up with my observations of only hearing it late in a descending observation.

-Corey KB9JHU

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