Timeline for updating gpredict?

is there a timeline for updating gepredict?
i found in the source code that it’s possible to share gps data via gpsd.
until now, i wrote a little python script wich took gps data an worte it in a file named gps.qth.
this is the default for location.
backround for the question. i’m just developing a highly portable sat ground station.
dependig on a raspberry pi 3 with a 7’ touchscreen. as a rx i will take a rtl-sdr or a
funcube dongle pro+ as first step. i’m not quite shure what i should decide for tx. because
it shout be lightweighted. the rotor control should be an arduino.

Hi @SigvaldS

If you mean a release date, then I can’t give you any. This is a hobby project and so I work on it at my convenience.

Support for GPSD input is already implemented and should be fully functional. It is enabled at compile time if gpsd is installed. So, try building gpredict from source.

PS: I think you will have a challenge running it on the 7" touch screen. Some of the windows may need more pixels.


Good Morning Alexandru,
I understand that.
I tried your advice and installed gpredict from source. But I’m not quite shure where I could find the gps data send by gpsd.
Maybe you can give me a hint?
The 7’’ screen works fine. A little bit of trying and i got a picture which fits the screen. Normaly i use a bluetooth keyboard with a touchpad.
My next challenges are the audio from the funcube dongle and the interface for the rotor.


Hi Sigvald,

To be honest, I do not remember many details about this feature. It was programmed by somebody else and I have not used it much since it was added.

As far as I remember, you should be able to select GPSD source when you edit the ground station. Gpredict will the use lat/lon from the gps daemon instead of expecting manually entered data. Let me know if you can’t find it and I will look into it in more details.