SVG files for laser cutting

I’ve taken the imperial STL files and converted the parts which are suitable for laser cutting to SVG’s. The purpose is because while 3D printing is cool, it’s slow for quality parts. I’m still experimenting with cutting these but it’s far enough along I felt I could share.

[Edit: updated git link]

The axis gears, worm gears, and axis pillar are not included as they can’t be cut correctly by laser, these must still be sourced by 3D printing or other methods. Material thickness is fairly critical for these parts of course. Sheet 1 needs to be cut from 3/8" (.375) thick material. Sheet 2 needs to be cut from 1/4" (.25) thick material. This is especially important because the axis gear spacer needs to be the correct thickness on the second sheet.

Since these were originally 3D parts there is further finishing work that has to be done on several of them after they have been cut. Red lines on any parts should only be ran at minimal power and are for marking purposes only. All other colors should cut all the way thorugh the material. I recommend looking at the STL’s to verify how to finish each part out.

The axis sides require screw holes to be drilled and stepper motor mount holes. The homing ring must have the “nose” filed or sanded down so that it can fit between the optical sensor lobes. The bearing holder cup requires hand filing between the tabs so that the axis gear can fit closely to the worm gear. Also the bearing hole needs to be counter-sunk deep enough to completely seat the bearing. As I mentioned earlier, on all of these parts there are markings which will be etched on the part (in red in the drawings) to give you easy indicators for manually finishing the parts out.

I’m happy to share laser settings with folks if there is interest, however this will vary with Laser wattage.

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FYI, I’m working on another revision of SVG’s for laser cutting. This original set may still be useful for folks who can do CNC routing. However the 3/8" parts are very slow and dangerous to cut on lower power lasers so I’m breaking them into 3 layers using 1/8" plywood. So far the results have been very good, I hope to post new SVG’s soon.

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