Still problems on 70cm sat band


I’m kind of frustrated. I still can’t get a proper signal on 70cm sat band. I tried aneggbeater, an turnstile. Either my preamp is tihs, or my rtlsdr produces such a noise that it disturbs the singal of theses antennas. I can’t belive that other ppl haven’t these problems…

I know it can be better. I found a hetamap from 2014 that shows very good signals on 70cm. But with LNA4ALL. It died btw…


had the similar here. only using a preamp with filtering or diplex with som filter within helped to get better results.
I my case the noise source was a nearby tv station…

did you already a frequency sweep with rtl_tcp mode and some sdr client as like as sdrsharp to seek for frequency buddies?

keep on going, it’s worth for sure,
br Robert, 73 de oe6rke

Hallo Robert @oe6rke.

Yes. I checked the noise situation in my QTH with RTL_TCP and SDR#. And yes. There is a noise source. But I don’t know what it is could be for sure. I think it could be my newest Wifi dongle I bought a few days ago on Ama. Problem was: The small Wifi dongle for RPi hadn’t enough power to connect the Fritzbox all time. So I switched to one with two antennas. I’ll test it out tonight. I switch back to the one that’s not working very well. But it could be the reason for a bigger noise on the bands. Second: It could be the USB cable and/or USB power plug that changed since 2014…

I had to check this things out…

BTW: Can you name the amp/filter you are using? Thank you.

L8er de DE8MSH
(sorry for 1000 typos in post above written in train, written on iPad)

I don’t know your setup, but this station is now running with a Diamond X-50n like (might be a clone) 2m/70cm antenna and has no LNA.

Have you read my article on client adjustments? There are some hints and you can find some things not explicitly described in there.

I can see some good observations, e.g. for XW-2C.
Please schedule some FOX-1* and RADFXSAT observations.

Hello Patrick.

I’ve got less problems on 2m than on 70cm.

To show the differencies between 2014 and 2018:




I switched back to VHF setup – will catch ISS *ggg.

UHF: No way… Or: Not yet…

DE8MSH, I ended up adding an MFJ duplexer right before the SDR, and that seemed to clean up some of the noise that I was having. I also am having to leave the rfgain up in the 40’s as well to get a good signal.

@DE8MSH is it possible to join the chatroom in either matrix or direct on IRC?

On join #satnogs

That would make things more easy to explain.

Hi Marco,

my sucess rate raised with help of wimo band specific inline preamps. such preamps allowed a selective powering as well a filtering on the front end of the amp.
also bringing the signal together via a simple diplexer seggregated the hf as needed.

hope this helps to get an idea regarding my setup,

br Robert