Starting the Journey by Building SatNOGS

Hello guys,

My name is Duaij and I am from Kuwait . I am really interested in Space, especially in Satellites and its Applications. In Kuwait, we don’t have a space program (not yet) and not many people are interested in Space Industry and Its Applications. But, I can see there are some initiatives from some people that they want to get started to influence our society to shift their focus a little bit to Space. Saudi Arabia and UAE are way too Advanced in Space Applications (Compared to Kuwait of course) (a little jealous :)) but why not, maybe in Kuwait, the government will start doing this business soon . I will be very proud if I and my friends who are interested will be the first who initiate this idea for our country.

The First thing to do is to build ground stations (from scratch) and start learning how Satellites work and how we can listen to and decode the signals coming from them . From this point we can go forward to build our on Nano-Satellite (CubeSat or any type) and that point it will be fantastic . Starting this journey begins from building SatNOGs and learn from it and from our great community here in this Forum.

I have a Licensed Call Sign (9K2DG) . I worked hard to get this license because it will help me for my future projects in Space Communications (Ground Stations , CubeSats and more)

Keep up the good work guys . and soon you will be updated about the progress done to build SatNOGS in Kuwait .



Hi @D-SAAB – welcome to SatNOGS! I’m in the process of slowly building out a ground station myself. Be sure to have a look at the SatNOGS Wiki, and be sure to update it if anything is out-of-date or unclear.

Good luck, and I can’t wait to see pictures of your station as you build it!

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