SpaceX F9 Transporter-6 - 2023-01-03 14:56 UTC

From: - SpaceX - Launches


All Times Approximate

Hr/Min/Sec Event
00:01:12 Max Q (moment of peak mechanical stress on the rocket)
00:02:17 1st stage main engine cutoff (MECO)
00:02:20 1st and 2nd stages separate
00:02:28 2nd stage engine starts
00:02:33 1st stage boostback burn begins
00:03:20 1st stage boostback burn ends
00:03:46 Fairing deployment
00:06:44 1st stage entry burn begins
00:07:07 1st stage entry burn ends
00:07:58 1st stage landing burn begins
00:08:23 2nd stage engine cutoff (SECO)
00:08:30 1st stage landing
00:55:20 2nd stage engine restarts (SES-2)
00:55:22 2nd stage engine cutoff (SECO-2)
00:58:24 KuwaitSat-1 deploys
00:58:34 BDSat-2 deploys
00:58:35 SharedSat 2211 deploys
00:58:44 LEMUR 2 EMMACULATE deploys
00:58:55 LEMUR 2 FUENTETAJA-01 deploys
00:59:51 ConnectaT1.2 deploys
01:00:00 GAMA Alpha deploys
01:00:01 BRO-8 deploys
01:00:12 Menut deploys
01:00:18 Huygens deploys
01:00:24 LEMUR 2 DISCLAIMER deploys
01:00:35 STAR VIBE deploys
01:00:55 LEMUR 2 STEVEALBERS deploys
01:01:11 ISILAUNCH Kleos KSF3-A deploys
01:02:02 Birkeland deploys
01:02:07 SPACEBEE-156/167 deploys
01:02:47 LEMUR 2 MMOLO deploys
01:02:54 ISILAUNCH Kleos KSF3-B deploys
01:03:25 ISILAUNCH Kleos KSF3-C deploys
01:04:47 LEMUR 2 PHILARI deploys
01:05:02 ISILAUNCH Kleos KSF3-D deploys
01:05:03 First Flock 4Y deploys
01:05:11 EWS RROCI deploys
01:05:12 SpaceBD ISILAUNCH PolyItan from Kiev deploys
01:05:14 Second Flock 4Y deploys
01:05:23 Guardian-alpha deploys
01:05:25 Third Flock 4Y deploys
01:05:36 Fourth Flock 4Y deploys
01:05:40 SpaceBD Sony Sphere-1 EYE deploys
01:05:50 ISILAUNCH ClydeSpace NSLSat-2 deploys
01:06:30 ISILAUNCH Sternula-1 deploys
01:06:35 Fifth Flock 4Y deploys
01:06:45 Sixth Flock 4Y deploys
01:06:58 Seventh Flock 4Y deploys
01:07:50 Eighth Flock 4Y deploys
01:08:33 Ninth Flock 4Y deploys
01:08:45 10th Flock 4Y deploys
01:09:17 11th Flock 4Y deploys
01:09:28 12th Flock 4Y deploys
01:09:38 13th Flock 4Y deploys
01:10:24 14th Flock 4Y deploys
01:10:42 15th Flock 4Y deploys
01:10:55 16th Flock 4Y deploys
01:11:21 17th Flock 4Y deploys
01:11:32 18th Flock 4Y deploys
01:11:43 19th Flock 4Y deploys
01:12:30 20th Flock 4Y deploys
01:12:41 21st Flock 4Y deploys
01:12:53 22nd Flock 4Y deploys
01:13:26 23rd Flock 4Y deploys
01:13:36 24th Flock 4Y deploys
01:13:54 25th Flock 4Y deploys
01:14:40 26th Flock 4Y deploys
01:14:50 27th Flock 4Y deploys
01:15:40 28th Flock 4Y deploys
01:15:52 29th Flock 4Y deploys
01:16:38 30th Flock 4Y deploys
01:16:49 31st Flock 4Y deploys
01:17:40 32nd Flock 4Y deploys
01:17:50 33rd Flock 4Y deploys
01:18:41 34th Flock 4Y deploys
01:18:52 35th Flock 4Y deploys
01:19:42 36th Flock 4Y deploys
01:19:46 Lynk Tower 3 deploys
01:20:00 Albania 1 deploys
01:20:02 Lynk Tower 4 deploys
01:20:42 YAM-5 deploys
01:21:48 NewSat 34 deploys
01:22:03 Albania 2 deploys
01:22:58 X22 deploys
01:23:04 X21 deploys
01:23:46 First Umbra deploys
01:23:50 Second Umbra deploys
01:24:47 NewSat 35 deploys
01:24:59 ION SCV-007 GLORIOUS GRATIA deploys
01:26:05 ION SCV-008 FIERCE FRANCISCUS deploys
01:26:11 Launcher Orbiter SN1 deploys
01:27:31 X27 deploys
01:27:34 Skykraft 1 deploys
01:28:10 Vigoride 5 deploys
01:28:54 CHIMERA LEO 1 deploys
01:31:10 EOS SAT-1 deploys

Scheduled is done:

BDSAT-2: 277
BRO-8: 56
ION SCV-008: 65
ION SCV-007’: 72
KuwaitSat-1: 72
Connecta T1.2: 177
Platform-2: 32
Vigoride-5: 79

Some have been left out as we are not sure about their frequency, most of them are at 401.500.

To station owners feel free to add more observations, just have in mind that in the next days we will have more satellites at similar orbits from the deployers that were launched, so leave some free passes. :wink:


Post launch TLE for BDSAT-2:

1 99244U          23003.66290509  .00000000  00000-0  00000-0 0 00006
2 99244  97.6169  64.4921 0001082 170.6184 186.9834 15.11654351710001

Post launch TLE in Celestrak by T.S. Kelso


BDSAT-2 is received and alive!!!


Connect T1.2 is also alive:


Beacon TM data is also decoded :tada:


Hi there,

This is Martin from Epic Aerospace

We just launched CHIMERA LEO1 onboard SpaceX F9 Transporter 6

we just posted at satnogs network the information related to the UHF beacons of our satellite

could you please help me with the usual time to listen to the beacons using the satnogs groundstations?

or if is there sth else we should do?

Thanks a lot

Hi Martin!

Has CHIMERA LEO1 been heard from yet by your team or anyone else?

Best of luck to you!

-Scott, K4KDR

Hi Scott!!

Thank you for your feedback!

So far we have only been assigned low elevation passes as we are competing with other satellites that were rideshare launched with us, with very similar GS passes, specially for the initial orbital revolutions. Then, the answer is no, and SatNOGS network will be of help. In the meantime, we are setting up some additional ground stations and we expect to communicate over the next few days.

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Very good - thanks. I only have a 30° pass of these objects coming up tonight on the U.S. East Coast, but will listen out for you.

Excellent Scott!!! we will really appreciate that. Our beacons are transmitted every 20sec, 4 X.25 packets each time. Please let me know in case additional information is required.

Satellite has been created in SatNOGS DB: CHIMERA LEO-1


Thanks. I don’t see a temp NORAD ID# for it yet, so I can’t upload decodes.

Will that be coming later? I’m not familiar with the work flow.


Hi Scott,

On Celestrak the NORAD ID is posted: 70381

Please let me know if this helps

You can also search for “chimera” here:

Many thanks. I was referring to a placeholder ID# on the SatNogs network which would allow me to upload decodes.

Unfortunately, nothing seen on or around 401.800 but I’ll certainly keep you on the watch list. Better elevations here in the coming days.

Another receiver was tracking BDSat-2; even at low elevation the CW & 9k6 packets were easily visible. That’ll be a productive satellite.

Thank Scott for keeping an eye on this.

For further refernece, the satellite is already posted on the SatNOGS nw:

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I’ve just added EPIC CHIMERA LEO 1 with the temporary NORAD ID 99209.

I’ll try to find some slots to schedule the satellite by removing some already scheduled ones from other satellites.

Temporart NORAD ID Satellite Frequency Notes
99209 EPIC CHIMERA LEO 1 401.800 MHz
99216 ION SCV-007 401.415 MHz Not sure if it is the right frequency
99217 ION SCV-008 401.415 MHz Not sure if it is the right frequency
99221 NSLSat-2 401.500 MHz Not sure if it is the right frequency
99223 Guardian - Alpha 401.500 MHz Not sure if it is the right frequency
99224 BRO-8 401.735 MHz
99226 MilSpace2-1 401.500 MHz Not sure if it is the right frequency
99227 MilSpace2-2 401.500 MHz Not sure if it is the right frequency
99254 Vigoride-5 400.500 MHz
99256 Platform-2 401.360 MHz
99278 YAM-5 400.100 MHz
99287 Connecta T1.2 401.525 MHz
99204 Sharjahsat-1 437.325MHz
99205 TAUSAT-2 436.400MHz
99203 QBUA01 436.600MHz
99225 KuwaitSat-1 436.980 MHz Non Coordinated by IARU
99244 BDSAT-2 436.025 MHz
99277 Star Vibe 437.025 MHz Non Coordinated by IARU
99244 BDSAT-2 145.850 MHz
99218 STERNULA-1 157.262 MHz
99218 STERNULA-1 161.863 MHz
99221 NSLSat-2 2245.000 MHz Not sure if it is the right frequency
99222 Sphere-1 2272.200 MHz
99222 Sphere-1 8055.000 MHz
99272 Umbra 04 2254.000 MHz
99272 Umbra 04 8150.000 MHz
99272 Umbra 04 9600.000 MHz
99273 Umbra 05 2254.000 MHz
99273 Umbra 05 8150.000 MHz
99273 Umbra 05 9600.000 MHz
99279 RROCI 2085.500 MHz
99279 RROCI 2217.000 MHz
99210 ÑuSat 35
99211 ÑuSat 34
99212 ÑuSat 33
99213 ÑuSat 32
99246 Orbiter SN1
99250 KSF3-A
99251 KSF3-B
99252 KSF3-C
99253 KSF3-D
99263 Gama Alpha
99266 LYNK TOWER 3
99267 LYNK TOWER 4
99280 Menut

Latest Update: 2023-01-15 23:30 UTC


Unfortunately the next days I will not be able to watch very close this deployment.

I’ll be able to:

  1. Schedule and share the passes among the satellites/stations
  2. Reviewing satellites/transmitters suggestions in DB
  3. Updating/Adding TLE sets

What needs to be done (and I will not be able to do):

  1. Add missing satellites/transmitters from this deployment in DB (especially these that are in the deployers)
  2. Find out which satellite is in which deployer and write it here in a post that groups satellites in deployers
  3. Watch social media/web pages of deployers companies/satellites in order to find out when a satellite is deployed and add a satellite suggestion changing the status of the satellite from future to alive and post it here.
  4. Generate TLE sets and let me know with a post here for it, or by pinging me in the satnogs matrix channel
  5. Write posts here if a satellite found alive or if a satellites that was alive stopped transmitting
  6. Vetting scheduled observations
  7. Add any other update/finding for this launch in post here.

Any help on the above will be much appreciated!

EDIT: Added one more task (number 6).