SpaceX F9 Transporter-3 - 2022-01-13 15:25UTC

Thanks for the update! Do you know if the other satellites will be deployed on the same day/time with you?

There are a couple hundred packets on the tinygs network from several of our satellites, however we transmit GFSK every 30s and are still trying to decode this.

New post-deployment TLE for Delfi-PQ produced from SatNOGS Observations.

1 99489U          22013.68438000  .00000000  00000-0  57494-2 0    00
2 99489  97.5121  83.3548 0012811  99.5244 270.7997 15.11298485    08



Thanks @PE0SAT & @fredy for checking & guidance!

Tools: cbassa/strf, cbassa/sattools, Waterfall Tabulation Helper.


Glad to start watching for the GFSK here. Is the transmit power the same as the LoRa?

Correct. Let us know if you need any details.

There is a report about EASAT-2 and HADES from Tomasz in Poland. However, I wonder if it is really via the satellite or something like the 3rd harmonic, as no signs on SatNOGS?

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updated TLEs for FOSSASATs


1 0U 12345AAA 22 14.46862370 +.00000000 +00000-0 +41133-3 0 08
2 0 97.5064 84.1287 0012397 225.3209 87.4748 15.13469037000005


1 0U 12345AAA 22 14.46863667 +.00000000 +00000-0 +41133-3 0 08
2 0 97.5064 84.1287 0012397 225.3208 87.4780 15.13724139000007


1 0U 12345AAA 22 14.46870418 +.00000000 +00000-0 +41133-3 0 00
2 0 97.5064 84.1288 0012397 225.3206 87.4805 15.13700060000001


1 0U 12345AAA 22 14.46872714 +.00000000 +00000-0 +41133-3 0 01
2 0 97.5064 84.1288 0012397 225.3205 87.4691 15.13689741000005


1 0U 12345AAA 22 14.46880772 +.00000000 +00000-0 +41133-3 0 04
2 0 97.5064 84.1289 0012397 225.3202 87.4559 15.12776859000002


Thanks a million for the TLE update!! That’s very helpful as they start to spread out.

If anyone would like a copy of this TLE data with unique object numbers (and appropriately updated checksum values), you’re welcome to my copy at →

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Hi friends:
Has anyone been able to receive MDQBSat-1, or do you know if there is any problem?
Thanks a lot

@lu4wac it is not received yet, and probably will not be by SatNOGS Network as it transmits LoRa, which is a proprietary protocol (and it shouldn’t be used in radio amateur frequencies). We’ll keep trying but I don’t expect any results.

New more accurate TLE set for Delfi-PQ using more observations by @EelkeVisser :

1 99489U          22013.68438100  .00000000  00000-0  57534-2 0    06
2 99489  97.5121  83.3548 0000001  54.9139 307.6602 15.14117915    08

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Rawson Chubut Patagonia Argentina

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If anyone has a contact with the tinyGS people please tell them that the frequencies of this device are wrong.

Ok, I checked the autotune frequency on tinyGS to MDQSat-1, it uses 436.9 and 437.2 MHz. Maybe the used lora paramters are correct too.

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Great news - EASAT-2 & HADES are alive!


Using the Doppler data from the observation with Allen Telescope Array of DELFI-PQ, EASAT-2 and HADES, I have done some TLE fits. The data and results are in GitHub - AMSAT-EA/easat2-tle-lottery: TLE lottery for EASAT-2 and HADES (SpaceX Transporter 3 launch)

Apparently DELFI-PQ, EASAT-2, and HADES are still only a few seconds apart, so it’s difficult to distinguish them. This also means that luckily, the DELFI-PQ TLE should be good enough to attempt observations of EASAT-2 and HADES.

Perhaps someone would try to throw in the ATA Doppler data of DELFI-PQ to improve the current DELFI-PQ TLE. All the required data is in the above repository.

Note: We are not completely sure of the correct identification of the HADES signal, because the signal is weak and we haven’t been able to check if the modulation is what we expect. However, the frequency is close to the expected for HADES and Doppler curve matches an object around EASAT-2 and DELFI-PQ.


@EA4GPZ thanks for the info!

I’ve updated HADES and EASAT-2 TLE sets in SatNOGS DB and rescheduled their observations in Network as the previous TLE were too off.


Unfortunately not, we only have information about our satallite.

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By the way, have you any informations about your POD, ION-SCV-004?

I found this tle for it:
1 70381C 22002CJ 22013.70149326 .00066910 00000-0 38482-2 0 07
2 70381 97.5088 83.3735 0010090 230.6426 224.9470 15.12487777 18

And a minimal info about its transmitters:
Omnidirectional S-Band Up/Down (500 Kbps)
Omnidirectional UHF Up/Down (Backup)
Directional X-Band Down (> 50 Mbps)

It is clear it use professional channels, but what more accurete?
On the picture, you can see at least a patch antenna:

FOSSASAT-2E GFSK beacon at around 210s SatNOGS Network - Observation 5304504

I believe the lack of beacons on other stations may be due to our commercia band being off most amateur filters and antennas. We think some of our 6 satellites are off the expected TLE.

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