Soyuz-2-1b Fregat-M (METEOR M N2-2) launch on 2019-07-05


MOVE-IIb changed beacons rate from every 10s to 20s for power saving.

MTCube team made public the frequency and the mode they use and I accepted some suggestions in db and updated all the future scheduled observations.

Some new OBJECTS are available but none of them seems to fit the signals from the satellites that are active right now. So no changes on TLE.



I m one of the members for the TTU cubesat team. Please update the TTU101 TLE to:

1 00000U 19001a   19186.41666898  .00000000  00000-0  00000-0 0 00018
2 00000 097.5467 148.1285 0013507 155.3624 118.6593 15.15158530000019

There will be another update soon, but the current one in database seems to be from another satellite.

Thank you!



Hi @laid,

Thanks, I’ve changed TLE to the one you provided.

I couldn’t find any public source with your TLEs, this is why I used TLEs of other satellite. Is there any public source that I can get this kind of info?

Also could confirm the transmitters in our DB for you satellite?

Any update of TTU101 status? Has it communicated with any ground station yet?

Thank you!


Thank you for the quick response!

The rest of the information is correct, but so far we have had no contact yet. The original TLE-s were provided by launch provider, but the are not yet published anywhere.

I am just now trying to figure out, under what NORAD ID we are listed …




Hello everyone,

greetings from the SONATE Team!
We have established contact with the satellite!

Our observation is that the TLEs are not correct, we observed a shift of roughly +4min.
We established contact at horizontal pointing where the TLEs predicted -7° Elevation using UHF.
The same observations can be made from one of your datasets.

So the satellite was late on the pass. We would appreciate it if you can alter the TLEs and try with adjusted pointing to perform better observations!
We are aiming to activate VHF pings with a rate of 30s at the next pass. The duration should be 2h.

Best Regards


Hi @fredy,

Do you know why the TTU101 audio files are not uploaded any more at satnogs?
Is it that system is giving up on sattellites what are not marked “ok” after a while?




Everything looks good, not sure where is the problem? Can you point me?


Indeed, sorry.

My search somehow returned items from the future marked as “pending”.




Hi @clex,

We can alter the TLE but you need to share them with us, if you haven’t calculated any then we need both to wait for TLE from identified objects of this launch.

Nice! Please check the transmitters of your Satellite in DB and confirm them.
What kind of transmissions would be these on VHF? Would be CW, FSK or something else? Because if I understand correctly will not be SSTV ones, right?

EDIT: Please also provide the UTC time of the VHF activation so we can schedule a couple of observations and try get the transmissions.


@celex Congratulations!

You should have the initial TLE based on pre-launch ballistic analysis from exolaunch - see if this matches closer!

Then, the next step is to go through TLE’s and find the closest matching TLE from exolaunch cluster and report NORAD, that this is yours. I send you the proper NORAD e-mail address in private.



Hi @fredy

I think we can provide something once we iterated further.

We can absolutely do that on future passes! Can we use this thread for it or are there other threads dedicated to suggestions of observation options?

I hope I will get back to you soon with better TLEs


Use this thread for now, if it gets to busy we can later split it to separate thread.


Added in DB 4 new satellites from this launch with the transmitters I found at

I’m going to schedule a couple observations for them too.


@fredy One correction to TTU101 radios tho - we have no beacon at 435.500, so please remove that from the database.

Thank you!



I’ve invalidated it. So you don’t use at all the coordinated frequency of 435.500MHz, right?


Thank you!

No, we do not have anything onboard transmitting on .500. Only UHF in use is 435.450MHz.
(The text on the IARU site seems to be from the initial application what we changed later…)




Meteor is now identified as OBJECT A 44387.

Unfortunately none of the rest 4 objects that are available fit any of the good observations we have. So we will need to wait.


If it sats are actively transmitting someone that knows how to use STRF to adjust TLEs might be able to adjust the closest TLE to fit.


Hi another SONATE member here :wink:

NORAD now provides new TLEs for the launch.
They match the target orbit of the cluster of the small sats. As they are basically the same for all object we’d suggest to use any of them for all of the sats of the cluster until NORAD or each team can identify each sat.

Thanks for the help of this awesome community =)


Then new TLE are too close for safe identifications, so I’ve set satellites to follow specific NORAD IDs, the best that I think fit the good observations. For those that we haven’t a good observation I’ve chosen 44399:

99816 - ECUADOR-UTE changed to follow 44399 in network
99815 - VDNH-80 changed to follow 44394 in network
99814 - SOKRAT changed to follow 44395 in network
99813 - AMGU-1 changed to follow 44396 in network
99812 - TTU101 changed to follow 44399 in network
99811 - MTCube changed to follow 44399 in network
99810 - Lucky-7 changed to follow 44404 in network
99809 - SONATE changed to follow 44398 in network
99808 - SEAM 2.0 changed to follow 44399 in network
99807 - JAISAT-1 changed to follow 44399 in network
99806 - BEESAT-13 changed to follow 44394 in network
99805 - BEESAT-12 changed to follow 44394 in network
99804 - BEESAT-11 changed to follow 44394 in network
99803 - BEESAT-10 changed to follow 44394 in network
99802 - BEESAT-9 changed to follow 44394 in network
99801 - MOVE-IIb changed to follow 44400 in network