Sonic Planetarium: Satellite Pipes

Hi all! Sharing with you here Sonic Planetarium: Satellite Pipes, an art installation which strives to emulate how Earth’s orbit might sound–as if your head was a radio and you could hear satellite transmissions in space.

The installation works by getting satellite trajectory information from space-track .org and combining the information in a database with audio files which are coordinated with a computer running the installation (using Max MSP) and an audio interface. When a satellite which has audio in the database rises (in real time) within radio range of the installation, then the sound representing that satellite plays in the installation for the duration that it is in range.

The specifics of the installation change a bit to adjust to where it is shown. As of today it is on view at Tufts University through Spring of 2019 in a tall public atrium, and in response to that space the speakers are housed in “pipes”, where each pipe plays a different category of satellite, and people can walk underneath to listen. More info here: Satellite Pipes

People can add sounds representing satellites to the growing collection through the website: -----------------------> that is, you are invited to participate by adding your satellite audio. Please do!