I’ve discovered (unfortunately not earlier… :frowning: ) several reports (in twitter and in radio amateurs sites) that, reported by celestrak, 42727 SNUSAT-1 and 42733 SNUSAT-1B should have swapped their norad ids. This is probably why we don’t get any of them in our network observations, while there are data in db at least for one of them.

Before moving to this change in db, I have set the status of those two satellites in network to manual TLE. This means that they will not update automatically their TLE based on their norad id. After disabling them, I have created two new TLE sets for those two norad ids and assigned them to the satellites by swapping them.

So, for the next couple of days, please schedule observations of those two and especially of SNUSAT-1B as it is probably the only one of the two that transmits signals.


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