SmallSat 2018 planning

I will be giving a talk about SatNOGS at the upcoming SmallSat conference on Wednesday, August 9.

I have yet to make a complete survey about who will be there, but I do know StellarStation has a workshop on Monday and RBC Signals has a booth.

Help me out with figuring out:

  • People / orgs to make contact with.

  • Talking points important to LSF and the community.

  • Etc.


I sent Dan the slides I used at the AMSAT symposium in Reno and slightly modified for the Ham Radio 2.0 talk at the Dayton Hamvention. It likely needs a lot more work for the smallsat conference, but it’s a start. :slight_smile:


It would be nice to introduce SatNOGS to any other ground station efforts (and point them to our direction for further talks), as well as any smallsat teams building or operating satellites. Just make sure to establish connections and point them here or to info [at] for more.

Perhaps the most important point is: “Stop duplicating efforts, you can join SatNOGS for your tracking and operation needs” :slight_smile: Also pointing to our existing efforts to create an open source pocketqube platform would be great!

Thanks a lot for representing SatNOGS on SmallSat 2018, I am sure it will be great!

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I’ll be flying out from UK on Tues, and will be there on Wed :slight_smile:

Catch you guys there! C