Satnogs talk at New Space week (Grenoble, France)

Hello everyone,

The Grenoble new space week just ended a few days ago.
I was invited there and did a talk about SatNOGS and AMSAT-F.

More info about the event :

The talk about SatNOGS was a success, and even more, just after the talk in at least 3 differents talks, SatNOGS was mentioned, with even slide showing how SatNOGS helped to get a lot more data.

I also gave a lot of stickers to everybody. I even saw SatNOGS stickers appearing on the laptop of a few people. To name a few : the CTO of Satrevolution, the director of CSUG …

It seems that the 2019 year will be the year of S-band !
Very soon, we will be able to receive high-quality pictures from space in S-band, pictures of earth (Swatowind), but also pictures of aurora (AmicalSat).

It was also interesting to see that there is a shift toward optical link between satellite and ground station, and also, optical fibber inside sattellite, to be able to put a SDR anywhere inside.

Have a great day