SatNOGS rotator Version 3

Leaflet with specs of v3 is out!

v3-leaflet-front.pdf (201.0 KB)v3-leaflet-back.pdf (149.4 KB)

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I’m looking at the Dozuku and looking forwards to my build starting. I noticed that there are two different filament color useds for the 3-D printers. Is that intentionally? Have you find a best practice for coding the 3-D printer parts.

Thanks for you help so far. Cheers!


No rhyme or reason to the colors just whatever is fed into the printer. :smile:

Note the difference in “-imperial.stl” parts if you are building for PVC sourced in the US. Everything else is metric.



How is your experience with v3 so far?

I am interested in your project very much. In fact, i have got nema 17 stepper motor now. But i still have some questions.

It worth be good to start a new thread with your questions or use Matrix / IRC. No question too big or too small :slight_smile:

Its a good suggestion. But I would leave the large bearings becourse the run more smoothly than smaller ones.


very good boys :), wholly different construction than with “ABB” box. It is not the E tube loose in beering?

Nema 16 Stepper Motors/Nema 17 Stepper Motors