SatNOGS Rotator Controller Prebuilt


So my students brought all the parts and tried to build it, but got bit too complicated for them and so didn’t work :frowning: . I was wondering is it possible to buy SatNOGS Rotator Controller already all soldered together with all the parts and if so where can we buy one from?

Do you want to give all your part to someone who is going to build your rotator or do you would like to buy an already builded rotator ?
Or did you only had problem with soldering ?

At this time (I also done research by my self) but I didn’t found anybody who is selling builded kit… and it seem like some other people are in your case…

If you just need help for the soldering, i really recommend you to contact a fablab (in my case this is like that, that I learned), im pretty sure that there is one not so far from your location.

I you want to have something more simple to build for your student (I’m a student too :wink: ) I designed an all metal rotator “mecanics” that is mountable on every box that you can find, the design is way more simple than the Rotator V3 (so its way more simple to build), it also cost a bit less (100€ if you already have a box) You can read my topics about and it If you are interested i could give you the CAD file !

Yohan H

Hello Yohan,

He would prefer an already built rotator is one is available, some of the parts are really small, so hard soldering onto the board. So if anyone sells already built rotator would be much appreciated.



Hi Gurmeet,
I’m not sure to have well understand what you are looking for, would you like tu buy just the controller (the pcb) or a fully working rotator with the “mecanics” and the hardware (arduino controller, raspberry pi…) ?