SatNOGS Network Release: 1.98, 1.99, 1.100, 1.101

We have a new release for SatNOGS Network, which will be deployed in the next minutes. It comes with several new features, updates and fixes.

If you notice anything unexpected, let us know either by posting here or opening a new issue in Issues · librespacefoundation / SatNOGS / satnogs-network · GitLab


  • Update mariadb version in docker-compose
  • Optimization of queries in observations page
  • Fix frontend and backend for observations and stations when user is deleted
  • Change javascript library for datetime pickers
  • Move from bootstrap 3 to bootstrap 4

Fixed issues:

For more details check this link: 1.98 · librespacefoundation / SatNOGS / satnogs-network · GitLab


There is an incident after the deployment, probably unrelated, causing internal server errors. We are working on fixing it. More update can be found in

The issue is solved, everything should work fine now.

There is a pending change that is currently under deployment (in the next minutes) that fixes an issue in the scheduling API.

This fix allows to schedule observations without the need of providing the center_frequency field.

EDIT: The fix is already deployed
EDIT 2: There are some minor bugs/issues that we will fix in the next days but they don’t affect functionality.


We spotted another issue that caused observations not calculate the frequency drift of transmitters. This had as a result stations (satnogs clients) to use the non-drifted frequency in their observations.

This is now fixed and is being deployed in production, deployment may take some minutes. Unfortunately future observations will need to be re-scheduled for getting the right frequency. I let you know in this thread when deployment is complete for re-scheduling.


Deployment is complete, you can now re-schedule any observations with drifted transmitters.