Satnogs monitor

The monitor works fine, but the waterfall is very low res and pixelated. Any ideas? Also if I enter any factor for the zoom, the waterfall disappears?

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The waterfall is always going to be low-res and pixellated - you are viewing it in a terminal after all. Maybe provide a screenshot so we can see if it’s any worse than is expected?

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Everything looks great, except for the waterfall.

Your terminal emulator lacks true color support.

Okay thanks, that makes sense. I used used the files in the setup procedure, is there a step/file I should have included from a different source? I thought I followed the process quite closely.

satnogs-monitor can not influence your terminal emulator.

Seems like you are on windows, if you’re using Putty to connect to your station check this post and make sure you have the correct version and 24bit colors enabled: SatNOGS station monitor v0.3.x

If you’re using something else (WSL + “the” Windows Terminal App) you’ll have to figure out, if this terminal supports true colors and howto enable them. I don’t have a Windows machine on hand to test it.

To clarify: the terminal emulator is the program which renders the text and manages escape sequences and colors. Connecting to your station will spawn a shell which has some limited abilities to tell the terminal it’s running in what it needs (read on about the TERM environment variable). From this shell you start the monitor, which in turn just produces a stream of text and control sequences to display all information. If your terminal emulator doesn’t understand some of those control sequences it will do weird stuff, like in your screenshot.

If you get it to work, maybe you can contribute a documentation of the problem and solution to the wiki page.


Well now I know that there are psychics in the world. You are correct, I am using putty on windows and it was the older 0.67 version. Updating 0.73 resolved the issue. Everything is working fine now.
I is always good to learn. Thank you.


I use WSL (1, haven’t moved to 2) with mintty and the waterfall looks good.