SatNOGS Ground Station

Hello everyone I’m really interested in this project I’m located in Central Florida and I haven’t seen a single ground station around here.

Would anyone be willing to assemble and sell the box without the antennas to me?

Name your price and PM me.

Thank you


Ray, the project is very simple. All you need to do is order a raspberry pi from Amazon (I recommend the Canakits which include a housing, power supply, and SD card), and then just use any old computer to “clone” the SatNogs SD card image onto the SD card. After that, everything is the same.

If you start by buying something like this (you’ll also need an SD card, I use 16GB ones):

Then come back here, we can walk your through the setup. Also note that you’ll need a monitor and HDMI cable, a keyboard, and an RTL-SDR dongle to finish the setup. Then you’ll need an antenna and coax, too.


There are aluminum cases available on ebay to reduce the amount of noise generated by the Raspberry Pis. I have 3 RPIs running 24/7 and had S9 noise on my FT-817 before the metal cases.
I also got rid of switched mode power supplies and use analog regulators to get rid of even more noise.
Bob vk2byf

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