SatNOGS at Hamvention 2015

SatNOGS will be out in the flea market area of the 2015 Dayton Hamvention (! Come visit booths 3757/3758. Let us know if you are planning to attend so we can arrange some facetime.

I just received some of the promotional materials that @pierros ordered, pics below:

Banner to hang from the table (rotting banana and tracker parts for scale)

2x posters

Business cards (front/back) to hand out

And stickers to hand out (thanks to @dosman)


Awesome, I’m going to be there wondering around. Have you thought about bringing a 3D printer and printing out parts for interested people?

This would be easier to do if we were inside the expo hall, but out in the flea market we will not have electricity, aside from 12v batteries to hopefully power a ground station. (and there are rules against generators)

I will probably be there sometime on Saturday; this will be my third time in almost 25 years of being a ham that I will have been able to make it.

@cshields, @pierros, @dosman, others:

I am planning on attending Hamvention something like Fri - Sat - Sun(morning). Maybe try to catch some of FDIM on Thursday, so Friday morning is still unsure. A student will also be there Sat - Sun.

We are happy to help staff the booth and otherwise help out. IRC, email, or here are good places to coordinate details.

I’m planning to be there Saturday and Sunday. I will definately spend some time at the SatNOGS flea market space, but most of the time I’ll be elsewhere. I’ll be happy to schlep gear around if needed at close-down time of course. I’m hoping to have at least one completed ground station by then, but hopefully I’ll have 2 of them that I can bring along.

Packing up and getting ready Dayton a v3 rotor and cross yagi antenna.


Hamvention setup is underway!!

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Fantastic first day at Hamvention 2015! @cshields, @manthos, @Acinonyx, @pierros and @danwhite where manning the booth and speaking to hundreds of people dropping by to learn more about SatNOGS.

A v2 ground station (owner @cshields) was operating non-stop for over 15 satellite passes throughout the day, together with a v3 on display too!

More pictures and report tomorrow!


Day 2 was a success, despite nature’s best efforts to destroy our booth. Word about SatNOGS is getting around and people are seeking us out at Hamvention. Pictures are getting tweeted, ideas shared, and people are excited to jump in and help.

V3 in action:

Huddling in the rain (yesterday):

Discussing the possibilities of SatNOGS and HackRF with creator Michael Ossmann:


Another mention from N6PSE’s show report:

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Also posted on DXCoffee too!