SatNOGS as a replacement for FoxTelem?

I have seen some posts in various places about satnogs potentially supporting sending data to the Fox telemetry system, instrad of using FoxTelem.

I have been running FoxTelem on and off for a while, and would love to convert it to a VHF satnogs station, if I could still gather Fox Telem…

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Assuming it is a stationary antenna, you could do run both by splitting the signal. Burns Fisher does this with his station, running a satnogs client and foxtelem off of the same antenna.

As for interoperability, we have an API that could be used to slurp data from db today (and an issue about getting data from the network into db). Very soon we will also have that data decoded into usable telemetry as well - which may branch out into another API that could be pulled from. we’ll see.


Additionally, running FoxTelem manually is still possible after you converted to a VHF satnogs sation, see

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