I’ve been playing with using my 2m SatNOGS ground station (ID #15) as a APRS SatGate.
Cshields recommended I post something here detailing how I’m doing it.

As such, I’ve written up a bit of a brain-dump on what/how I modified things here:

I’ve haven’t had a huge amount of packets come through yet, but the ISS passes haven’t been that brilliant either. Hoping for some more success over the next few days.
For those tasking ground station #15, could you please make sure you schedule in ISS passes to listen on the APRS downlink (145.825 MHz FM).

Mark VK5QI

Have you had much success with this? I have had a non SatNOGS igate running direwolf for a while both for terrestrial and ISS passes and hadn’t had too many packets from the ISS compared to the ‘waving a VX-8 GR around in the air when a pass was coming overhead’ technique