Satellites launches number

The subject is vital in the news, debated and discussed about rising satellite launch cases and innovations in this field.

Space is not an exclusion for human behaviour: intrinsic striving for exploration and being reactive about consequences, junk and debris are orbiting the Earth.

Now the time has come to remove old artifacts and bring new technology up there.

We have 20k+ junk pieces already in orbit for all the time, since Sputnik was launched as the first satellite.

Nowadays only Starlink count is sending 15k satellites and preparing twice more to be sent.That is the fact, Starlink is pushing the events and causes.

Space junk is the hazard problem that has been there for decades, and nowadays with the space exploration boost only we try to surpass it. The radio bands to be overloaded with 5G and Starlink.

  1. Satellite rush launches are an inevitable necessity. As it has the purpose of wide coverage roll out. And there is no other way than to launch lots. This means that the data is delivered to where it is really needed.

  2. Particular scientific and environment surveillance purposes are important. NASA and ESA together emphasise it in partnership. Đ’edicated private companies perform effective launches.

  3. Even large astronomy observation programs already raise strong complaints due to observation pollution, which must imply launch control restrictions increase.

  4. Humanity would not be where it is now without an intrinsic strive for exploration. We might go extinct (at least partially) in small tribal clashes, natural disasters, starving without exploration and cooperation.

  5. Space exploration and the benefits that are aimed at it are logical from the point (1). Information gathering is precious. Global network for society is sometimes vital. surveillance for the Earth’s environmental issues, data coverage, where it is not possible to deliver the internet by fiber optic. The main purpose of the internet is not leisure, it is connection, including emergency cases. One of the best internet achievements is education, which is one of the keys of social stability and even survival.