Satellite update - UKube-1

I’ve noticed that the FUNcube subsystem beacon is missing for UKube-1 in the database.
Perhaps the entry can be added.

145.915 MHz FUNcube-2 (subsystem beacon) telemetry 1k2 BPSK

Hey @Zathras!

For transmitter changes/additions/suggestion you can do them directly on the Just login and on the satellite page there is a button to suggest changes/additions. Then once submitted moderators look into it and approve it accordingly. Let me know if that worked for you!

Ok, thanks pierros.

I presumed only networks operators could do that, not dev-network.

Plus I had no login to the database. Now have login and added the transmitter.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


…and it is now approved :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Thanks pierros.

How long before it appears in scheduling? I’ve had a quick look and not there yet.

Fetch of DB info in Network instances happens every couple of hours. I triggered one manually now. You should be able to see it :wink: