Satellite suggestions

I want to suggest some weather satellites for the db, where the weather data can be decoded:

some informations:

suggested satellites:

  • NOAA-15
  • NOAA-18
  • NOAA-19
  • FY-3A
  • FY-3B
  • FY-3C

(I modified the urls a little bit, because I can post only 2 links per post)

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I added these to - if you want to go in and suggest the transmitters I can approve them later (use “downlink low”).


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Thanks @pointhi for the suggestions! Those came through. Any idea on why you used Downlink High on some and Downlink low on others?


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I thought “High” means something in the Microwave spectrum and “Low” the lower one. But probably it is used to define the bandwith of an repeater.

It would be a good idea to add some tooltips to clarify what is meant, and what unit is used. (For example BaudRate in bit or in byte per second). The Invert option is also unclear for me, what it means.

Invert also refers to a transponder.

I think we should include a toggle at top of each transmitter to signal that it is a transponder. Only then transponder specific options should appear (high and low on uplink and downlink, and also invert option)

Thanks for pointing those out @pointhi !