Satellite suggestion: TechnoSat


I’d like to suggest a new satellite for the database:
TechnoSat - NORAD 42829
435.950 MHz FM GMSK 4k8 - Telemetry Format Mobitex NX - usually active over Europe, operated from ground station in Berlin
435.950 MHz FM CW Beacon (Callsign), at the moment transmitted every 60s

TechnoSat is the newest nanosatellite of Technische Universität Berlin. It is a mission for technology demonstration for the new satellite bus and several payloads. For more infos visit:

Mobitex telemetry transmissions can be decoded with our GNU Radio blocks available here:

Thank you very much in advance.
Best regards

@kappi thanks for the suggestion!

TechnoSat is now on the DB

We will be scheduling some passes on the Network too :wink:

@pierros thank your very much for the db entry.

I just talked to the operations team, the beacon will be back on today 16:00 UTC.
Then the observations should be more successful. :wink:

Hi everybody,

I just wanted to inform, that the TechnoSat beacon is now switched off until further notice.

Best regards,

Thanks for letting us know. When it comes back please update this thread.