Satellite suggestion: 25635 Ørsted

I would like to suggest the satellite 25635 Ørsted, the first Danish satellite. You can read about it on Wikipedia.

From :

“RF communications: Science data sampling rates: 1 to 100 samples/s. On-board data storage and downlinking every 12 hours or less. Uplink and downlink in S-band (2.114 GHz and 2.296 GHz, respectively). Maximum downlink rate is 256 kbit/s, the uplink date rate is 4 kbit/s. There are three downlink stations in Denmark. The main receiver station is located at DMI in Copenhagen (extra station at AAU in Aalborg). The Science Data Center is at DMI. The satellite is controlled from the Ørsted control center at Terma A/S at Birkerød, Denmark.”

I worked at the Ørsted Control Center 2007-2008 :slight_smile:

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The satellite is now added!

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Thank you! That was quick :slight_smile:

If you need a picture of the satellite, I’ve taken the one on the wikipedia page, which you can use freely: