Satellite operator manual


I started a draft of a wiki page to try to make a complete satellite operator manual.
I feel that this is really needed today.

Feel free to improve it.


Great idea!! intereting topic to learn about it.

What’s the rationale behind “must be used by the radio amateur community more than 20% of it time”? Amateur frequencies must only be used in the amateur service.

For a spacecraft’s non-amateur mission, a non-amateur frequency must be used. Per WRC-15, if new or upgraded allocations to the space operation service are required (likely true for most satellites created by the SatNOGS community), studies should be limited to the frequency ranges 150.05-174 MHz and 400.15-420 MHz.

I think it’s like how Fox-1 sats have experiments on board that don’t have any relation to Ham Radio but still uses part of its down link bandwidth. (In the DUV Frames)

We need to link this page somewhere so people can navigate to it from the homepage of the wiki. Does it fit into the “Operate” menu?

I get the idea, but the concrete number “20%” appears in the page. Did the author make this up, or is there a source for it?

The historical practice is well known, but the WRC-15 pushback and subsequent refusal by IARU to participate in frequency coordination for this abuse of amateur spectrum (except where instructed by an administration) means that this is no longer a reasonable approach. Indeed, on VHF, it’s no longer even possible; there’s so much non-amateur space traffic that new coordinations are currently impossible, even for legitimate amateur traffic. This will remain the case until satellites making inappropriate (although formally authorised) use of amateur VHF spectrum cease service.

@rolandturner : The >20% is from an AMSAT-F talk in Paris a few months ago. There is a video of it on youtube, but in French. Here is the slides : (last slide for 20%)