Rtl-sdr gain settings

I have been testing my station for a while and am getting some satisfactory results.
I have the PPM setting just about right now by observing the waterfall of some satellites and moving the PPM little by little to bring the signal into the centre.
However my signals seem a lot weaker than I get when using the same antenna LNA and RTLsdr with Gqrx or with my SDRplay/SDRuno setup. My waterfall is only blue.
My LNA has about 20db of gain, 0.6db noise, so I don’t set my RF gain any higher than 30. It just raises the noise floor.
I need some advice on the IF and BB gain settings. On NOAA satellites I get a poor quality picture but with my other system, same antenna & LNA, I get almost perfect picture within 10 degrees of my horizon. Any other setting I need to know about?
I must say I’m impressed with what has been created here and also the fast and reliable responses to my request for assistance. Should I put my system on line now or is there still more work to do on my omnidirectional QFH antenna station.
My 2m/70cm rotatable antennas are ready to go next, once I figure out how to control the rotator via hamlib and SatNOGS. It all works from Gpredict now. I’m still having problems controlling Doppler on the IC-9100 via hamlib and Gpredict.
Thank you all for your help. 73 Bob vk2byf