RTL dongle - what pigtail?


Does anyone know what type the antenna connector on this RTL820 dongle is? I would like to order a matching pigtail to male N connector.

From the pictures I first thought it required a SMA male to N male pigtail (not RP-SMA) like this one, but looking at the dongle it looks like the connector is a push-in type instead of a screw-on (if that makes sense).

Would 100cm length be sufficient?

Thanks in advance,

It usually is an MCX connector. 1m is very long for a pigtail.

An MCX connector… Learned something new today…

I need a coax from the N connector on the back of the antenna to the RTL dongle inside the SatNOGS rotator. What would you recommend? I was thinking a 1m pigtail to avoid having to make 2 N connections, perhaps a short (20cm?) MCX-to-N pigtail and a 1m length of decent low-loss coax to the antenna would be better…

I prefer the pigtail because I can mount it on something stable. That way the dongle won’t be pulled out of the USB port when the cable is stressed.