RPi 4 is on market

RPi 4 is now for sale

The specs look awsome.


Link for context.

Any thoughts on if this will be powerful enough to run the MiniSpy SDR at the higher sampling rate?

I have not ordered one yet. My thoughts are that it probably will run hot. It will need all the RAM and power one could cram into such a small unit. I am not familiar with the new video hardware/software. I think the video hardware might handle it if the video drivers are mature.

I run mine headless, so video is not an issue.
I was more interested in the fact that it now has USB3, so the bandwidth should be there for the airspyMini… Guess we just need to wait for them to become a bit more available and for the SatNOGS software to be updated to run on it.

You are correct about the USB3 being able to handle the full bandwidth of the AirSpy. Running headless resloves several problems. Do you think a dedicated router will be required for the output? Or, are you connecting direct to the RPi?

USB bandwidth on an RPi3 is not the problem with an Airspy Mini, the problem is the gnuradio flowcharts needing too much CPU power. The improved performance of the RPi4 certainly looks hopeful that it can handle 3Msps.


Does the Airspy operate 12Mhz bandwidth? Or is it more? I remember that the software will make it cover several times that if needed, but it multiplexes, I think?