Rotctld.service failed -- Does this mean it's not connecting to my rotator controller?

I’m using the SatNOGS rotator controller board v2, and the latest SatNOGS client. I have independently tested the controller board and saw that it homes the stepper motors and response to EasyComm commands sent through Minicom. The client starts and connects and our Ground Station shows up as connected online, but I’m concerned about this error message when booting up the raspberry pi.

Does this mean that it is not communicating with the controller board? I have the Arduino Pro Mini on the board connected to the Raspberry Pi via an FTDI-USB cable, and the board itself is powered with 48V power supply with 1.5A max current. No steppers or sensors are connected yes I I just wanted to test the board connected to the Pi. Any tips?

It is most probably some invalid configuration options. Can you check that the HAMLIB_UTILS_ROT_OPTS option in satnogs-setup -> Show menu are OK?