Rotator V3.1 BOM Clarifications

I’ve started building a V3.1 rotator. I have ordered most of the parts and I’ve started the 3D printing. I downloaded the V3.1 release zip file that contains all the .STL files and the BOM. I have some questions:

  1. In the BOM the Worm Mount shows C1061-5 and C1061-6, with a quantity of 4. Is that 4 of each -5 and -6? Or 2 each of -5 and -6?

  2. I will be using Stepper motors, so I won’t need the encoder parts, C1040-1 (Encoder Gear), and C1043-1 (Encoder Mount), correct?

  3. In the BOM there is no mention of C1070-1, C1071-1, nor C1072-2; but the release includes files for those parts, and the WIKI shows pictures of them being used with DC Motors. So for Stepper motors, I won’t need to print these parts, correct?


I’m just printing my parts right now (got one printing as I type this).

My understanding

  1. you need 2 of each. (one worm gear per axis, and you need a top and bottom for each axis)

  2. I am doing the same thing. I was trying to figure that out as well… I thought I could get away without printing the encoder gear… but if you look at assembly in the wiki, the ‘homing pin’ holder which hits your end stop switch is built into the encoder gear… which makes it a necessary print for either build (which sucks cause it’s big)… you could probably figure out another method but I just printed them. I don’t think you need the encoder mount

  3. That’s correct, I don’t plan on printing them.


Thanks for those clarifications.

  1. In the assembly picture in the wiki, it looks like we could use a simplified part which just consists of the homing pin holder; i.e. the encoder gear minus the teeth. Do you think that would work? I tried to make a new part using Sketchup, but it has been a couple years since I worked with that program. I cut off all the teeth, but I couldn’t recall how to close up the remainder. Do you think it would be possible (or easier) if I started with the freecad file instead of the stl file?

@eejake52, why you don’t want to print the encoder gear - C1040-1. If you want to update your rotator with a more reliable position feedback and control will be use it.