Rotator script to go to the next observation

At my job (Observatoire de Paris, Meudon site) I just finished the creation of the ground station that we decided to put on the project Satnogs.

By cons I noticed that unlike Gpredict, Satnogs do not position the antenna before the arrival of the satellite but began positioning only when the satellite began to appear in the sky.

As a result, I miss the first seconds of observation systematically because it is necessary that the rotor turns in the right direction.

I saw that we could put scripts in Satnogs, so I wondered if it would be possible to say to the rotor: At the end of observation position yourself on the first position of the next passage.

Hi @dragonlost!

This post and software sounds like exactly what you are looking for:

The general idea is to run a script at the end of the last observation that sets things up for the next scheduled pass.

Our station #834 already has a SATNOGS_POST_OBSERVATION_SCRIPT configured to save the raw waterfall data, so adding a function requires writing a small wrapper script that combines features.