Roland 9V1RT's SatNOGS v3.1 Rotator

I’m building the v3 rotator and notice that there’s some ambiguity. Are the instructions intended to match the contents of

(I’ve not encountered a 3.0 zip so assume that all is well, but thought it best to double-check before getting the 3d-printing and laser-cutting done.)

Hey! All the instructions in wiki are match with the parts in gitlab and referred to v3.1. Make a post with your build like @quartapound, Quartapounds SatNOGS Rotator v3.1



Noted on 3.1, thanks.

(I’ve amended this thread’s title rather than start a new one.)

A question on mast connection: do I understand correctly from the pictures in the wiki and the assembly instructions that the rotator design ends at a piece of 40mm aluminium tube poking out the bottom, to be mounted as appropriate?

(My use will all be portable, so I’ll be using a speaker stand (tripod that DJs use); am working through what I’ll need for integration while I wait for ordered parts to arrive.)


You are correct, also check these two thread, IZ5RZR - Building of Satnogs rotator V. 3.0.1 - ROTATOR IS DONE! , Quartapounds SatNOGS Rotator v3.1 and the wiki - Heading Calibration.

Do you have any update of your build?


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That’s brilliant, thank you.

Nothing terribly exciting to report yet, although I do have a pile of laser-cut and 3D-printed parts and neatly cut aluminium profile sitting on my table at HackerspaceSG awaiting my attention. As ever, priorities shifted and I ended up running my JSConf.Asia 2019 workshop with existing WRAPS rotator, despite its various limitations.

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