Report on the Opensource Rocketry round table at OSCW19

Hey all, I chucked a little report together with the main points discussed and raised in the open source rocketry round table discussion we held at OSCW19. Would value any more thoughts/comments around it.


Hey Jo!

Sorry to run out early on your preso. One thing I didn’t get to pitch to you is a request for a video (since your last video on openrocket was so enlightening):

How do you make the step (leap?) from Estes off the shelf to custom rockets? to bigger rockets?

You posed the question to the audience about why there aren’t more people involved in this community - I think the mere possibility and that it can be a “thing” for an average hobbyist is a piece of lacking info.

hope that helps!

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That’s great @cshields I definitely need to add this to an ever growing list of tutorials I need to write!