Processing data from observations

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I’m new here so I hope I am asking in the right place, if not I apologize. I searched in the forum before posting, but I may have look in the wrong place, or search with the wrong keywords…

I did not find any topic about how to process data from the observations.

Let say I have got good observations from a given satellite. I got the audio and the waterfall. Now what kind of operation can I do to extract or collect data from its signal ?

I suppose that the data one can get depends on the satellite, but is there any example about what we can get from a good observation ?

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I did not check with the “decoder” keywords. I found a lot of post about it, eventually. Sorry for this post !


You may try to use SoundModem by UZ7HO ( which includes several different kind of demodulators and then use the DK3WN software to decode the packets and understand the TM (

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There’s a lot of work being done on decoders, dashboards and other stuff at the moment. Did you have one particular in mind?

Beside the current efforts to automatically decode in satnogs-db and store it in a data warehouse/visualize in dashboards(Data Warehouse POC) there is the wiki page Decode_Telemetry_and_Packets which describes some methods to use existing modems/decoders to manually decode SatNOGS observations.

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