Problem with Satnogs Rotor and Satnogs Client!

Hi every one.
So, i’m in the middle of building satnogs rotor. I got my PCBs ready. the problems is when i enable satnogs rotor from the satnogs client configuration. it donsn’t get enabled.

it just stays at (False) doesn’t change at all.

what did you set the config at asks if you want it enabled to?

I didn’t quite understand your question.
but i set the rotctl configuration to (-m 204 -r /dev/ttyUSB0 -s 19200 -t 4533)


I enabled it from there, yet it’s still false.

Hm I have no idea. Might want to wait for someone that know the stuff more.

Thanks for your replay…:blush:

@lazzyrabbit in satnogs-client, I see an option for HAMLIB_UTILS_ROT_ENABLED if I navigate to “Advanced”; have a look at and see if that makes it any clearer.

so before i enable satnogs rotor from HAMLIB_UTILS_ROT_ENABLED i should enter the configuration in HAMLIB_UTILS_ROT_OPTS ?

I don’t think the order matters – once you go back to the main menu and select “Apply”, everything will get sorted out.

Ok, so in HAMLIB_UTILS_ROT_OPTS i entered (-m 204 -r /dev/ttyUSB0 -s 19200 -t 4533 -T 0,0,0,0)
i don’t understand what the -T attribute does exactly ??

Not sure if this is really your problem, but: no, you don’t! Your “screenshot” shows, that you made a typo with the -t parameter: -t4533 != -t 4533! You are missing a space!

I solved it.
it turned out that I needed root permissions to change satnogs-client configuration.
Basically $sudo satnogs-client
lol :sweat_smile:

you mean sudo satnogs-setup ?